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Title: The Weight of Partnership
Rating: K
Writing: whiteink
Graphics: msdubstep

He showed up at her apartment with a six-pack of beer. Usually that wouldn’t have been to out of the ordinary but tonight she hadn’t expected it. The work day had ended with her throwing a five pound weight at him before storming out of the gym, and she was rather confident that she had hit him in the shoulder with it.

“It’s not that I want to praise bad behavior,” he said as he held the pack out to her. “But I thought that I should try to make peace before you toss a ten pound weight tomorrow. It may be a little harder to walk that one off.”

She didn’t take the beer, but she didn’t shut the door on him either. Instead she turned and walked back to the sofa, leaving him in the doorway. She didn’t say anything when he stepped inside and locked the door behind him. She watched in silence as he opened two bottles and handed her one. She stared at the bottle, as he took a drink from his.

“You ever going to talk to me?” he asked. “Because if you’re not we’re going to have to work out some sort of signaling system for when we’re at work.”

“I threw a weight at your head,” she said softly.

“It missed my head,” he said with a shrug. “I may have a nice bruise on my shoulder from it, but I’ll survive.”

“What sort of person does that?” she asked. “Seriously, I should be committed.”

“A person whose partner drives them up the wall every day,” Deeks answered with a shrug. “You were bound to crack one of these days.”

“Will this partner continue to drive this person up the wall?” she asked softly.

He turned to her and nodded. “For as long as she’ll let him.”

“Thank you,” she whispered as she held the bottle to her lips.

She offered him the remote as a peace offering and tried not to complain when he switched the channel from her reality TV show. As he stretched his free arm across the back of the sofa, she took advantage of the motion and scooted closer so her head was resting on his arm. She tried to bite back a smile when he laughed at her, and when his arm fell to her shoulder, she didn’t try to move it away. Instead she silently breathed in and was thankful that at the end of the day he was still there.


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