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Hey so...what's up?

I haven't done a life update in while so I'll just cut to the chase.

About 3 weeks ago, my great grandma died. She was 97 and had a great life. She was one of the sweetest people I've ever known. Over the last 3 years or so, her mind and health declined and she'd gotten so ill that my great uncle and aunt took her from the assisted living facility she was staying at and in to their home, and about 2 weeks later, she passed on. I regret having not gotten to see her more before she died. But even not knowing who any of us were and in pain, she was still in good spirits on the very last day I saw her alive. I'll miss her so much. She was there for me through good and bad times and was a rock for our family.

I've been working less hours this past couple of weeks. I'm still having trouble on the register and my boss wants to give more hours to people who can take orders, so most days when I am working, I'm out in the dining room cleaning and stocking. I have really been trying to get better but according to my boss, I haven't been and I'm really trying to stay positive and not get discouraged but it's hard. I've been thinking about getting a new job and moving on. I've working there for 3 years, and I've had a great run but I need a bit more, y'know?

My depression has also been taking its toll, and my interest in things I used to like to do has waned considerably. I used to write fanfic but unless it's for a challenge on NCIS verse, I don't write at all anymore. And my participation in that community has really gone down. As a mod, I'm sort of...I guess ashamed that I haven't been leading up to standard. I still want to stay with the community and I'm still in the fandom, I guess. I haven't even been watching the original series as much after Ziva left. The show really hasn't been the same without her.

And I retook the GED math and failed again. :( I have to take it all over again since they're going to be changing it to all computer stuff after the first of the year. I'm not looking forward to that but with my hours getting cut, at least I've got more time and energy to study.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. Family came over and we ate a lot of good food and played Uno, which has become sort of a tradition in the house. My roommate and friend AJ lets out this hilarious side of her when we all get together and play so that makes it even more fun.

Sorry most of this post was sort of sad. As things get better, which I know they will, I'll be sure to post those things as well. Night, everyone.
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