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Hey everyone. So this month has bee really good so far. I've gotten more hours and a ton of compliments at work. I don't let it go to my head though. I really don't deserve it cause I just do what I normally do but hey....great :D

Last week a friend of mine and I went to a ball game and a ton of her family were there too. I loved meeting them. They treated me really nice and I wouldn't mind hanging with them again. I got a sunburn, just a bit. But it's turned into a nice tan. So I no longer look as pasty as a Munster. Yay.

Then there was a concert after the game but we only got to see the first act. They were okay. I had never even heard of them so I didn't really get into it but they did a good job in hyping up the crowd. KJ 52 was his name. This is one of his songs here

Then tomorrow after church if things go well with the weather, our church is having a picnic at the park. We had to postpone it because of snow in May. Yes, you read that correctly. Snow. I'm excited for tomorrow though.

And then later on this month (which I so need to get ready for) is an awards banquet for Special Olympics. A few friends from church is going and they've invited me even though I don't compete. I think it should be fun.

I think that's about it <3 Hope you all have a great week.

ETA: I had a Joan icon before that was really pretty but sad looking. Didn't really make sense for this entry, LOL!

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Good for you, sweetie! It's always nice when your efforts at work get recognized. Hardly ever happens to me. LOL
Yay for not looking like a Munster! Hee! That's one thing I love about playing golf in the summer - I get a nice light brown base. I'm another one of those people who burn like crazy, so I slather on the SPF 50 stuff, but somehow I do still get a bit of colour, which is nice.
Not really a fan of church picnics - ours are usually aimed at the little kids, and I don't relate well to children, so I'd rather just go play a round of golf with my buddies on Sunday afternoon. I know, party pooper. :)
Special Olympics are a truly wonderful organization - lucky you for being invited to the banquet. I'll bet that will be very inspirational. When I worked at Community Living, we had a guy in our service with Down Syndrome who was a weight-lifter. His workers took him to the gym several times a week. He trained hard, and he got to compete in Vancouver's Special Olympics. We were so excited for him, and he was SO PROUD, it was lovely to see. One of my fave actors, Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Boomer on the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica), has been a S.O. advocate for many years. He speaks passionately about it at every convention he attends. If you go to cons, watch for him. He's great!
Glad things are going so well for you - enjoy!


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