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So I have discovered a new fandom and I'm really getting hooked so far: Doctor Who. I know I'm totally late since it's such an old and long ongoing show, but it's really great! I've watched before, but never really gotten into it like I have now. My mom has been a huge fan of it since she was a kid, and she watches it every Saturday on BBC America. She also recently got my best friend Angela hooked on it. Matt Smith is a brilliant actor and I am really liking the new companion, Clara. She's so mysterious but she really is lovely. I'm getting ready to watch the new episode on DVR before bed. I'll post my thoughts on it tomorrow or Monday.

Also, I just got through making some sugar cookies for bible study tomorrow. Everyone signs up for a week that they bring treats and today is my week. (after I forgot last week...d'oh!) They are slightly over done but I also bought a cheese, pepperoni and cracker tray for in case people don't like the cookies. I really need to practice baking more. ^^; I love it even though I'm rubbish.

That's all for now, ciao bellas. ^^

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You've got a good variety of things there, something for everyone. And everyone loves homemade cookies!

This is one of my favourite recipe sites: I've made the coconut rice and the no-knead breads so many times. There are step by step instructions and she responds to questions, so there are also helpful tips in the comments.

This is one of the best cookies recipes ever: I made it for so many people and no one could believe the recipe was vegan. I can't find fair trade chocolate chips where I live, so I made them into chocolate cookies. Just add two tablespoons of cocoa powder. (I've since quit sugar and haven't experimented with sugar substitutes, so I don't know how this recipe would work with stevia or another sweetener.)


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