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Today was a nice day. Hung out with some friends from church. We went to Taco Bell and then went to my friend Tammy's house and listened to music, played on her trampoline and made cheese dip for later on in bible study. My friend who got in the car wreck is doing better. He won't be getting out the hospital til the end of the week, though. It rained a bit, but the midwest needs it.

I realized something today though.

Throughout my life, I have hated offending people. I have said the wrong things with the right intention and it's pissed people off. I've tried to be more tactful with my words and my opinions, but still, I always manage to offend someone, directly or in general.

As a Christian and Democrat, there's always going to be an opposition to what I believe. But today, I have realized that it shouldn't bother me so much what people think.

And you know why?

Because in the end...opinions are like butts. We all have them and most of them stink. They mean nothing unless we treat each other with respect. They will be ignored if we say what we believe with hatred. And I hope that I never come across as hateful because that means I might as well have been talking out my butt.

*gets off soapbox*

Just a thought. Thanks for reading.
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