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Soo...this weekend has been and will be interesting. I woke up and then my friend called and told me that one of the guys that go to my church has been in a car accident :( His lung is punctured and he has cracked ribs. He will be okay, though. I still feel sad for him. He's a nice guy. A bunch of us are going to see him tomorrow. Then we might go over to another person's house to hang out and have lunch. We'll just have to see where it goes. Today I went to the store and got a new mic and a movie called Fireproof. I've seen it before, and it's really good. It's a movie about this fireman who is struggling to save his marriage. It sort of got me all emotional last time I saw it though...I'll make sure I'll find some tissues. I'm a bit irritated. I've been waiting for the state of Missouri to send me my authorization letter to take my GED again. It's been two months now, I believe. I really want to get on with my life, dang it! If the letter doesn't come this week, I'm going to call and see who I need to chew out talk to so I can get it. Oh! And I found something on LJ last's freakin' awesome. Starships, a Multi-Fandom space vid *Goes to watch yet again*
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